Use Case

Managing Windows-Based Kiosks


Managing Windows-Based Kiosks

Discover how to configure a default Windows-based PC to deploy and manage Windows-based kiosks using configurations deployed from central management.


Solution Overview

Not only are businesses going global, but they are going remote too. Assets are deployed across a wide IT landscape, making managing them in-person more costly and time consuming.

Remote device management has become extremely sophisticated. Using technology to improve the overall management experience is essential.

Kiosks are now mainstream. They provide solutions for self-service use cases like withdrawing money from an ATM and self-check-in at airports.

Managing remote Windows-based kiosks is the focus of this use case and virtual lab. And we’re featuring ManageEngine Endpoint Central, a remote device management product that’s available in different licenses and deployment methods catering to end-to-end scenarios. Endpoint Central is available on-prem, on-cloud, and in on-prem MSP support. From OS imaging to mobile phone management, it can support all operating systems and helps organizations secure their assets through a single platform.


Demo Overview

The demo explains how to keep all the configurations centralized so you can quickly replace/rebuild a kiosk remotely, so there is no need to travel to each location. The scenarios are well explained, and the lab showcases how you can manually convert a default, non-customized Windows-based PC to a kiosk.

In the lab, you’ll see that we have already pre-configured one device as a kiosk. You'll also find a second device that you can configure to gain hands-on experience.


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