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Digital Experience Management
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Enhancing the Digital Experience for Employees

This use case focuses on how to proactively track the digital experience of end-users and improve it by automating impactful activities.


Solution Overview

Digital Experience Management (DEM) gives your organization’s IT staff visibility into real user experiences by monitoring the real-time device/application performance. With this visibility, IT can investigate and more easily identify the probable root cause of the incidents occurring in the environment. They can also help improve the user experience through predictive analysis, intelligent automations – self-help/heal and assisted remediation, for example – and simplify user activities using the AI-enabled solution.

Digital Experience Management enables:

  • Remediations/user engagement (survey or feedback)
  • Monitor device performance
  • Monitor application performance
  • Monitor user productivity and experience

DEM is part of the Zones Management Framework’s Digital Workplace offerings and is powered by one of our partner’s tools, Lakeside SysTrack. Lakeside is a recognized leader in understanding and proactively optimizing the user environment with a single source of truth.

The digital experience management cloud platform provides an in-depth analysis of user device performance. By capturing and analyzing the industry’s deepest set of end-user experience data, our solution provides rapid insights that allow your IT teams to prioritize and proactively address the most urgent challenges affecting employees’ digital experiences. We have installed the agent on two test machines to simulate the usage.


Demo Overview

The video introduces you to the importance of DEM and showcases self-service automation that helps improve the overall employee experience with support. It also showcases how IT administrators can use the data collected from each user’s devices for proactive repairs and to track the user experience.


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