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Using Windows Autopilot to Manage New Windows Device Provisioning
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Windows Autopilot & Device Provisioning

Learn how to automate Windows device provisioning and simplify new employee onboarding using Windows Autopilot.


Solution Overview

Windows Autopilot is a service that helps you set up and pre-configure new Windows 10 and 11 devices so they’re ready for productive use before giving them to end users.

Use Windows Autopilot to enroll devices into your existing device management solution, such as Microsoft Intune. You can also integrate Autopilot with other services, such as Azure Active Directory, to provide seamless user authentication and access to organizational resources. 

Benefits of using Windows AutoPilot include:

  • Streamlined deployment. AutoPilot allows IT departments to pre-configure new devices with settings, policies, and apps before they are even unboxed by end users, making provisioning new devices more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • Improved security. AutoPilot can be used to enforce security policies on new devices, such as requiring a password or PIN, enabling device encryption, and configuring firewalls and other security settings.
  • Customization. AutoPilot allows your IT department to customize the user experience on new devices, such as branding the login screen with company colors and logos and setting up shortcuts to commonly used apps and resources.
  • Azure AD Integration. AutoPilot allows users to sign in using Azure Active Directory credentials, making it easy to access their corporate resources, including email, files, and apps.
  • Reduced IT support. AutoPilot can reduce the time and effort required by IT.


Demo Overview

Watch the demo video to learn more about the benefits of AutoPilot and to see a demonstration of provisioning a Windows device. We show you all the steps and showcase the hands-free onboarding of new employees.


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