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Cloud Governance with FinOps
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Cloud Governance with FinOps

Learn how to leverage CoreStack to perform FinOps responsibilities and bring visibility into cloud cost sprawl.

Solution Overview

FinOps addresses the visibility of costs in the multi-cloud environment and has been recognized as a discipline of its own. This shows the importance of cost governance throughout the industry and, therefore, is part of the service delivery platform that we have developed.

In this demo, we’ll show you how to use the FinOps practice to manage cloud costs efficiently. We’ll look at CoreStack, one of our partner’s offerings specializing in AI-powered continuous and automated cloud governance. Along with FinOps, it also helps achieve the end-to-end governance needed in SecOps and CloudOps.

CoreStack gives enterprises the confidence to go further, faster, so you can more quickly capitalize on the opportunities that matter. These powerful capabilities enable you to optimize cloud spend while ensuring security and compliance across multi-cloud.

CoreStack also helps implement cloud governance best practices by applying a Well-Architected Framework and leverages AI to achieve integrated and continuous governance across FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps. Manage reporting, recommendations, and remediation across multiple cloud platforms in a unified dashboard.


Demo Overview

As you’ll see in the demo, we onboarded one of our cloud subscriptions into CoreStack. (The architecture would remain the same for any cloud where data will mainly be fetched over API through the subscription, analyzed, and represented through dashboards and reports.) The video showcases the platform’s capabilities while focusing primarily on FinOps operations.


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