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SOC 101: Understanding the Basics of Security Operations

MAY 31, 8 am PST

In the ever-evolving threat landscape, Security Operations Center (SOC) has become essential to an organization's security strategy. A SOC monitors detects, and responds to real-time security incidents and threats. But with the rise of cloud-based infrastructure, securing organizational data has become more complex than ever before.

Building a High-Performance Service Desk to Deliver Business Value

MAY 25, 8 am PST

A high-performance service desk can be the difference between a successful IT operation and a chaotic one. Organizations must have an IT service desk that is efficient, effective, and customer-focused to deliver maximum business value.

Current State of Cloud Migration and Modernization

MAY 29, 8 am PST

As organizations look to move their IT operations to the cloud, they face the challenge of choosing the right approach: migration or modernization first. While each approach has benefits, selecting the right one for your organization can be challenging.

The Role of the NOC in Enabling Digital Transformation and Business Success

MAY 30, 8 am PST

As businesses undergo digital transformation, the Network Operations Center (NOC) has become critical in driving business success. NOCs monitor and manage networks, ensure network performance and availability, and provide real-time insights into network health.

Disaster Recovery: How Prepared Is Your Organization For Disaster-Like Situations?

MAY 22, 8 am PST

Disaster recovery planning is critical to ensure business continuity during unexpected events such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, power outages, and more. Without proper planning, businesses risk losing valuable data and significant financial losses.

Cloud Data Protection: Why CIOs Should Backup Data from On-Prem to Cloud Securely

MAY 23, 8 am PST

Cloud data protection provides an additional layer of security and ensures your data is safe and accessible during an unforeseen disaster. With cloud backups, you can rest assured that your data is always available, even if your on-premises infrastructure is damaged or compromised. Join us for an informative webinar on Cloud Data Protection and learn why CIOs must securely back up their on-premises data to the cloud.

VAPT: Your Shield Against Modern Cyber Threats

MAY 24, 8 am PST

With the shift to remote work, securing your organization's data has become more critical than ever. Join us for an informative webinar on "VAPT: Your Shield Against Modern Cyber Threats" and learn how to safeguard your organization's data from potential threats.

Unlocking the Potential of Network Modernization with Cloud

MAY 16, 8 am PST

In today's fast-paced business world, staying up to date on the technologies is essential to remain competitive. One area that has seen rapid innovation and growth in recent years is cloud-based networking. With the rise of remote work and the increasing need for flexibility and scalability, cloud-based networking has become an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to modernize their network infrastructure.

Revolutionize Your Network's Efficiency and Security Through Virtualization

MAY 17, 8 am PST

In today's ever-changing and dynamic business landscape, virtualization is necessary for organizations looking to remain competitive and secure. The benefits of virtualization extend far beyond just cost savings, as it significantly improves network efficiency and security.

From Chaos to Control: How Managed O365 Can Simplify Your Workday

MAY 18, 8 am PST

Managing multiple tasks in today's fast-paced business environment can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Managed O365 can help simplify your workday, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Our upcoming webinar on "From Chaos to Control: How Managed O365 Can Simplify Your Workday” will focus on how Managed O365 can streamline your workflow, improve collaboration, and enhance your productivity.

Building a Future-Ready Network: Key Strategies for Modernization in Hyperconnected World

MAY 10, 8 am PST

In today's hyper-connected world, businesses need a network that can keep up with the demands of modern technology. Join our webinar "Building a Future-Ready Network: Key Strategies for Modernization in a Hyperconnected World" and learn how to modernize your network to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Securing Your Enterprise: The Importance of Security Assessments

MAY 11, 8 am PST

In today's digital landscape, security threats are constantly evolving, and businesses must have a comprehensive security strategy to protect their valuable assets. Our experienced speaker will discuss the importance of trusted assessment services in securing your business in our upcoming webinar.

Accelerate Business Growth with Server Migration

MAY 15, 8 am PST

In today's digital age, cloud migration is becoming increasingly important, with many organizations seeking the scalability and flexibility that cloud infrastructure can offer. However, making the move to the cloud has its challenges.

Re-Envisioning Data Loss Prevention Strategies with Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions

MAY 4, 8 am PST

Data loss can be catastrophic for any business, and traditional data loss prevention strategies can be complex and expensive, leaving many organizations vulnerable. Join our upcoming webinar on Re-envisioning Data Loss Prevention Strategies with Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions.

Backup as a Service (BaaS): An Answer to Modern Data Backup and Recovery

MAY 8, 8 am PST

In today's fast-paced digital world, data is the lifeblood of any organization, making data backup and recovery critical for business continuity. However, traditional backup methods can be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and prone to errors.

Streamlining Business Operations Through Multi-Location IT Consolidation

MAY 9, 8 am PST

Are you looking for ways to optimize your business operations and increase efficiency? Join our upcoming webinar, where we will discuss how to achieve these goals through multi-location IT consolidation, as we understand that businesses with locations spread across different regions have unique IT infrastructure needs.

Embracing Cloud Migration & Implementation with Minimal Downtime

MAY 1, 8 am PST

As organizations adopt cloud technologies to achieve greater agility, scalability, and cost savings, the challenge of migrating and implementing cloud solutions without impacting business operations looms large.

ITAD and Data Security: Managing End-of-Life IT Assets

MAY 8, 8 am PST

Did you know that traditional data centers can consume massive amounts of energy and emit significant carbon emissions? Join our upcoming webinar on Green Data Centers and discover how to design and build energy-efficient and sustainable data centers.

Empower Your Organization Through Network Modernization

MAY 3, 8 am PST

Is your organization struggling with outdated network infrastructure? Do you want to modernize your network to stay competitive and increase efficiency? Join our upcoming webinar on Network Modernization and discover how to empower your organization through modern network architecture.

Building Sustainable Workplaces: How Cloud Technology is Driving Change

APRIL 27, 8 am PST

Cloud technology is changing the game by providing flexibility, scalability, and accessibility like never before. Join us to learn how cloud computing can accelerate your sustainability efforts!

Cloud for Sustainability: Empowering Your Organization

APRIL 26, 8 am PST

Join our team to discover how cloud computing can be a game-changer in accelerating your sustainability efforts! Don't miss out on this opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your business sustainability.

Advancing Sustainability Ambitions with Server Storage

APRIL 25, 8 am PST

Join us to explore how Dell Storage can help advance your organization's sustainability ambitions through energy efficiency, responsible disposal practices, sustainability consulting, and collaboration on sustainability initiatives.

Measuring and Communicating the Impact of ITAD on Sustainability

APRIL 20 8 am PST

Join us for a webinar to explore the significant role of ITAD in sustainability and how it can benefit your organization.
Our experts will discuss the importance of measuring and communicating the impact of ITAD and provide valuable insights on key performance indicators for ITAD, measuring environmental and economic benefits, and more.

Sustainable IT Asset Disposition in a Global Supply Chain

APRIL 19 8 am PST

Delve into the risks and opportunities of ITAD in a global supply chain.

Building a Sustainable IT Asset Disposition Program

APRIL 18 8 am PST

Learn how to responsibly dispose of on-prem IT assets without harming the environment.
Get first-hand insights on how to safely and securely dispose of servers and racks when migrating to the cloud while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Unlock the Power of Cloud Migration with Azure Migrate


Zones Innovation Center is a dedicated platform designed to foster innovation, including access to cutting-edge technologies across Networking, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Data, Artificial Intelligence, and more.
Register now to transform your organization with Azure and take the first step toward a successful cloud migration!

Benefits of Autopilot Preprovisioning -MS Surface


Did you know that Autopilot Pre-Provisioning can simplify device deployment, improve end-user experience, and save your team time and resources?
By utilizing Autopilot Pre-Provisioning, you can set up devices with preconfigured settings and apps, making deployment a breeze. Your end-users will have a smoother and faster experience, with their devices ready to use right out of the box.

Cisco Meraki: How to remove the complexity


Are you tired of dealing with complex network management systems? Look no further! Cisco Meraki is here to help.
Join us for our upcoming webinar, "How to Remove the Complexity," where our experts will guide you through the process of simplifying your network management.

An Overview of Cisco DNA Center and SD-WAN - Removing the Complexity


Cisco DNA Center and SD-WAN can streamline your network operations, reduce complexity, and increase performance.
Our experts will guide you through the benefits of these powerful tools and show you how they can transform your network management processes.

Day in the Life of an Apple Device


Explore how the Zones Service Desk ensures that Apple devices run smoothly and efficiently.
Gain insights on how our team troubleshoots issues, provides comprehensive support, and streamlines device management.

Veeam Modernization with Scale Out Backup Repository


Are you worried about losing valuable data due to system failures or cyberattacks? Don't risk your business operations and reputation – join our upcoming webinar on "Protecting Data with Cloud Backup Solutions.”
In this webinar, we'll explore the benefits of cloud backup solutions and how they can help protect your data from potential threats. Join us on [final date and time] for an informative and engaging session with Daniel Kristek. Register now to secure your spot!

Cisco Spaces; an Introduction and Overview


This webinar provides an introduction and overview of Cisco Spaces, a collaborative workspace solution designed for modern teams. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of how Cisco Spaces can enhance team productivity, communication, and collaboration, as well as learn about the key features and benefits of the platform.
The session will cover topics such as virtual rooms, messaging, video conferencing, and document sharing, and will also provide insight into how Cisco Spaces integrates with other Cisco collaboration tools.

Cloud management for Cisco Catalyst devices with Meraki Dashboard


Simplify your network management and take control of your infrastructure with Cisco Catalyst Devices and Meraki Dashboard.
Whether you're a seasoned network administrator or new to cloud management, this webinar is a must-attend event for anyone looking to improve their network management capabilities.

Zones Innovation Center


Whether you need technology validation, comparative analysis, performance tuning, or sandbox testing, Zones Innovation Center has got you covered.
Our virtual platform offers use cases, virtual IT labs, and a sandbox environment to enable collaboration with our Solution Architects and co-create proof of concept in real-time.